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Cardano development still on track despite corona virus


Cardano development still on track despite corona virus

The Blockchain Cardano (ADA) of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) is always fully compliant with the implementation of its commercial infrastructure. This has been confirmed by at least one of the main minds behind the cryptography project.

Charles Hoskinson, managing director of IOHK, the developer behind Cardano, announced on March 13 in a live stream on YouTube that there would be good news regarding the expansion of business infrastructure in the coming months. In this context, he also underlines that everything is currently going as planned.

Hoskinson explains that developers are currently deliberately setting aside money to further expand the business infrastructure, as this is critically important:

“In our view, the business infrastructure is something that Cardano desperately needs to be competitive with other cryptocurrencies.”

The infrastructure should also ensure that it is running decentralized applications so that, for example, protocols in the field of decentralized financial services can be used. Hoskinson also announces that the Jormungandr software will soon receive an update.

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In conclusion, Hoskinson says the development team is also making great strides in Shelley’s major update to the Cardano blockchain. The number of bugs found in Testnet so far would be steadily smaller, which means that stability would improve.

Corona virus has not hindered development

Several crypto news portals recently reported that the Shelley update had to be postponed due to the corona virus. Hoskinson has that on Twitter however, vehemently contested, this is why he calls such reports “false news”.

Overall, Hoskinson is very confident about the potential of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and decentralized financial services to change the world in a sustainable way. As Cointelegraph recently reported, he even thinks that “the economic order of the 20th century” is dead. It plays on the centralized hierarchy of the economy, established by the leaders.

At the beginning of March, Cardano received praise from a manager of the large business consultancy PwC. For example, one of the company’s key executives said that the Cardano Foundation and the IOHK development team around its CEO Charles Hoskinson would be a big part of the decentralized future.

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