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Cardano is “a big part” of the decentralized future


Cardano is “a big part” of the decentralized future

Günther Dobrauz, chief legal officer of the large business consultancy PwC, congratulated the developers of the Cardano cryptography project (ADA).

Blockchain technology is the future

In one Tweet On March 3, Dobrauz declares that he sees the future of decentralization. In this context, he adds that the Cardano Foundation and the development team around the director general of the IOHK Charles Hoskinson “are a big part of this future”. IOHK is the blockchain company behind Cardano and Ethereum Classic.

Dobrauz’s tweet included a photo of him next to Hoskinson. In another tweet, he confirms that he met Hoskinson recently during his visit to PwC headquarters in London.

However, with regard to Cointelegraph, Dobrauz tried to clarify that the opinion communicated was his and not that of PwC. Nevertheless, he reiterated that he believed that blockchain technology could have a transformative effect:

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“I have followed the work of the Cardano team and the development of the Cardano ecosystem more or less from the start and I personally think that they have done an excellent job so far. I am happy whenever I can exchange ideas and learn from them. The same goes for some other projects. “

PwC opens up to crypto and blockchain

It is not the first time that PwC and Cardano are connected. At the end of January, Hoskinson announced live on YouTube that PwC should lead the marketing of Cardano.

In this context, Hoskinson said that Emurgo, an organization responsible for promoting Cardano, should work with IOHK and the Cardano Foundation to market the blockchain project, with PwC assuming the role of moderator. To this end, PwC should create a common strategy.

PwC has also extended its probes to blockchain and crypto by other means. In mid-January, the audit started the ChainSecurity project based on smart contracts. With ChainSecurity, PwC wants to become “the leading service provider for intelligent contract auditing”.

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