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European Commission calls on blockchain developers for defense-oriented solutions


European Commission calls on blockchain developers for defense-oriented solutions

The European Commission (EC) provides grants to blockchain developers and other specialists for solutions that adapt technologies from civil applications to defense applications.

On 24 March, the EC published a call for tenders for the European defense industrial development program calling on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to propose quick and profitable solutions – focusing on new approaches and proposals for technologies or concepts that had not been applied before. to the defense sector.

Combinations of blockchain and “digital twins” for logistical purposes

Regarding blockchain, the EC provides an overview to guide the applications to the program, which should benefit from its 2019-20254 million budget for grants, if successful. More specifically, the EC is looking for proposals which are:

“Based on the cloud in real time and on an on-site digital twin benefiting from the robustness of blockchain technologies, capable of channeling all currently optimized logistics needs, such as the spare parts chain, maintenance, energy consumables . “

A digital twin is the virtual representation or mirror of any physical entity, asset or process – be it a machine, an object, an element of infrastructure or a human being. The blockchain field can strengthen the integrity of digital twins by allowing, for example, the use of tamper-evident cryptographic labels that validate the origin, condition and ownership of products or objects.

As stated in a Deloitte 2018 report, the combination of digital twins with blockchain can offer particular advantages to sectors such as the Internet of Things, which can be used, among other applications, for predictive maintenance in work environments. production.

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Deloitte points out that blockchain can be useful in providing secure identity management, transparent ownership models and efficient data analysis, all of which can improve the flexibility and resilience of various systems.

As the guidance above shows, the EC recognizes the potential of combining blockchain with digital twins for various defense-critical sectors such as supply chains, equipment maintenance and energy.

Program submissions are open from April 15, with a tentative December deadline. 1, 2020, depending on the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Defense blockchain

As recently reported, BAE Systems – a US-based entrepreneur who provides support and service solutions for defense, intelligence and civil systems – has offered an open job to so-called “cryptocurrency miners” to support its operations last month.

In July 2019, the U.S. Department of Defense released its own plans for blockchain technology in its four-year roadmap for digital modernization.

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