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Italian bank opens Bitcoin trading for 1.2 million customers


Italian bank opens Bitcoin trading for 1.2 million customers

The increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies and the crown crisis have led Italian bank Banca Sella to now integrate Bitcoin into its range of services.

The company’s own platform, Hype, serves as a trading platform. The bank plays an intermediary role in Bitcoin trading so that customers are no longer exposed to the risk of crypto exchanges. The bank makes a virtue of necessity, because due to Corona, the whole country is in quarantine at home, which in turn plays into the already growing interest of Bitcoin.

The Hype platform is already established

Banca Sella’s hype platform is already used by 1.2 million Italians for financial transactions. With the new service, they are now not only able to buy and sell Bitcoin, but also be able to pay for food and goods with cryptocurrency:

Antonio Valiutti, CEO of Hype, explains:

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“Cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, are attracting increasing interest, especially among the people who are our main customers, who are young and intelligent people who expect us to use our financial tool, who ‘they use to manage their money can access all aspects of the financial world. “

As a result, interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain in Italy has increased significantly in recent months. For example, an electronic voting system using blockchain technology has recently been used in Naples, while two Italian universities have announced that they will register their certificates on a blockchain in the future.

As Cointelegraph also reported, the Italian Red Cross launched a Bitcoin-based fundraising campaign to support the fight against Corona.

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