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What are the biggest crypto and blockchain issues in 2020?


What are the biggest crypto and blockchain issues in 2020?

For me, the biggest problems in 2020 will be:

1. Digital currencies and stable central bank coins (maybe Libra, maybe not).

2. Blockchain-based government apps and services (although I expect it won’t really be felt until the first half of 2021).

3. An increase in blockchain-based identity projects – with a great need for international unification and harmonization. Many transactions are “chain”. can be performed. From buying a book to selling a car and issuing many government documents. For example, the issuance of your driver’s license via the title of ownership of your home to your marriage certificate. To do this, however, it is first necessary to have real and reliable identities for the parties concerned. For privacy reasons, many of us may try to use self-confidence identities for these purposes. This makes blockchain-based identities a “basic” application that many other applications need to be fully implemented.

4. Beginning of the “disappearance” of blockchain and DLT, because these are more and more integrated in applications in which the user has no idea that blockchain is one of the supporting technologies.

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5. Scalability, because very large global applications are put online (or at least want to).

6. Data protection, as combinations of AI, blockchain and image recognition technology in potentially “scary” environments The combinations come together.

7. No more legal confusion when legislation becomes obsolete or laws without any coordination in an “electronic world”. be done that knows no boundaries. Because politics thinks, position themselves as & bdquo; friend crypto & ldquo; or & bdquo; opponent crypto & ldquo; relate to must – without a real understanding of technology or transferability to existing laws.

8. A number of “key projects” which pave the way for future developments will build on the LAC chain and the service infrastructure of the European blockchain (with the most interesting implementations in the fourth quarter and early 2021). ).

I also think we will hear about serious scandals regarding price manipulation in the crypto markets.

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